~Welcome to the story of our journey to save another Eastern European princess with down syndrome and an older child! In 2010, we traveled half way around the world to adopt a twenty month old (now three years old) precious girl with down syndrome, Gabby. Now, less than two years later, we are on a mission to adopt another precious little girl that is in the same orphanage Gabby was in, Ava. Not only Ava, but yes....one more "Elaine". That means we are trying to adopt two more children!!!! If you are unaware of the situation in most, if not all Eastern European countries, please continue to read. In these countries children with down syndrome and special needs are most often placed in orphanages and if not adopted by the age of four or five (depending on circumstance), they are transferred to institutions where the likely-hood of them ever seeing outside of the institution walls remain slim to none. Many will live very short lives due to lack of appropriate care. Please don't allow this to happen to our sweet Ava! "Elaine" was fortunate enough to escape a very bad institution but nonetheless is in an institution and is an older child whose chances of coming home if we can't adopt her are not good. Having adopted and fully funding ourselves the previous adoption such a short time ago, we will need all of the help we can get to reunite these two angels and bring their big sister home. We utilized all extra resources with our first adoption and so fundraising is essential with this adoption. Whether it be from your prayers, helping to fundraise, buying from fundraisers, donations, etc...your help is much appreciated and is very much needed in order to make this dream a reality. Thank you so much for following our journey~

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

~Good days and then days like today~

Some days in adoption are really good days. These are the days when words of encouragement are pouring in, people are praying, people are posting, Ava's grant is increasing, fundraisers are being participated in...and then there are days like this...or a few days in a roll like this. Days were minimal people have spoke words of encouragement, minimal people have reposted about Ava, her grant has not increased, fundraisers are not being participated in...these are the days when you can't help but wonder just who really cares! I am fully aware that I have a multitude of family and friends that do care and who are working to help get her home! To these people, and they know who they are...we will forever be grateful. These are the people that are doing all of the things mentioned above. That being said, what about the others? Have people became so self-absorbed and caught up in their own lives that they don't realize that children are dying that need them? Do they not realize that literally every penny counts in bringing Ava and children in her situation home. Even if you don't feel led to do something for Ava, please do something for one of these children...they need us all. In just 2010, we fully funded (ourselves) Gabby's adoption and we are funding a lot of this one! However, there is only so much we can do. We are saving literally pennies! We have went on a spending freeze not buying anything not necessary, we are using any and all resources we have to get her here. However, it's not enough...we need help...Ava needs help. We have worked our entire adult lives for lower-middle class pay and we have done every thing expected of us. We gave all of those earnings and savings to a precious baby girl in 2010 and we haven't regretted it for one second! If I had all of the money again, I'd be giving it away right now to go get Ava! Remember, most people can afford to raise children but I know very few that can drop more than $20,000 to go get one and then raise he/she. For everyone that thinks "if you can't afford to adopt her, how will you afford to raise her"....well here is one for you. Affording the utilities of maintaining a house that you rent is a common thing to be able to do, does that mean you have the money to go buy a house? NO! If it did, everyone would be home owners. It's two separate things. The point of this post mainly is to say PLEASE DON'T FORGET ABOUT AVA! Please don't assume you can't help. There is a way for everyone to help and I do mean EVERYONE! Again, I am so incredibly thankful to those who have prayed, reposted about Ava, donated, fundraised, continue to fundraise, purchased from a fundraiser, donated items to auction off, sent encouraging comments, etc. We are so incredibly thankful that God has put you in our lives to help and that you have a heart for human kind outside of your immidiate family! I'd like to give a particularly special thanks to a new friend that found our blog in the beginning, Becky! Becky lives far from us, does not know us, has no obligation to us and yet she is 100% committed to helping us in any way she can to get Ava home. She has donated, posted on her blog about Ava, has offered items to sell for Ava (coming soon). Offered to sponsor Ava on her blog, etc. This woman is incredible and does things as she feels led to do them. I think we could all take a page from her book, including myself. Thank you Becky and thank you to everyone helping bring Ava home!!! We love you all! We are at a training for work right now in Nashville but as soon as we get home and settled in, I am going to fix my blog to where there are links to our fundraisers easily accessible at all times..so please keep an eye out!

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