~Welcome to the story of our journey to save another Eastern European princess with down syndrome and an older child! In 2010, we traveled half way around the world to adopt a twenty month old (now three years old) precious girl with down syndrome, Gabby. Now, less than two years later, we are on a mission to adopt another precious little girl that is in the same orphanage Gabby was in, Ava. Not only Ava, but yes....one more "Elaine". That means we are trying to adopt two more children!!!! If you are unaware of the situation in most, if not all Eastern European countries, please continue to read. In these countries children with down syndrome and special needs are most often placed in orphanages and if not adopted by the age of four or five (depending on circumstance), they are transferred to institutions where the likely-hood of them ever seeing outside of the institution walls remain slim to none. Many will live very short lives due to lack of appropriate care. Please don't allow this to happen to our sweet Ava! "Elaine" was fortunate enough to escape a very bad institution but nonetheless is in an institution and is an older child whose chances of coming home if we can't adopt her are not good. Having adopted and fully funding ourselves the previous adoption such a short time ago, we will need all of the help we can get to reunite these two angels and bring their big sister home. We utilized all extra resources with our first adoption and so fundraising is essential with this adoption. Whether it be from your prayers, helping to fundraise, buying from fundraisers, donations, etc...your help is much appreciated and is very much needed in order to make this dream a reality. Thank you so much for following our journey~

Monday, April 23, 2012

~One less birthday forgotten~

This Thursday is my 28th birthday! Being that we are not allowed to announce Ava's birthday (we only know the month and year anyways...not the date), I would like to use my birthday as a celebratory day for her birthday! I'm asking that anyone reading this please donate $28 for my 28th birthday as all I want or need is to get Ava home!!! Also, she will not have any type of recognition or celebration outside of what we are doing here (which she will not know about) on her birthday this year. However, LORD WILLING and with your donations, she will be partying next year on her birthday!!! As of now, to her, a birthday only means the day she was abandoned for not being good enough in her own country!!! Please help us to change this and get her home!!!  Obviously, any amount of donation is appreciated and much needed!!! This is just something we are asking everyone to participate in for this week as it could help really make a HUGE difference in her grant and in getting her home.  Consider splitting your donation with a family member or two if you want to donate the $28 and can't.  Also, PLEASE repost this as many times as you can throughout this week and let's see if we can't make a difference for Ava on this birthday so that next birthday she will know just how many people really did care when she was in the orphanage!!!! Thank you all so much!!! You can donate by clicking the donate button above Or By contacting me and asking for a mailing address to mail a check or money order to! 


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Sylvia, and also to Ava, whenever her birthday may be.

    If you could also join in me in prayer for my nephew-to-be who is being adopted by my brother and sister-in-law, they are awaiting anxiously to bring Alex home and it's taking a long time to hear their travel date! I will donate on Wednesday, as soon as I get paid.


  2. I will absolutely be praying for your family. Is Alex an RR listing? Thank you so much for your dedication ans prayers Becky!!!!

    1. Yes, he is. Everything is done, they just need a date now.

      Thanks Sylvia!

  3. Sylvia

    I was trying to find your email but I don't think you have it listed. I have some ideas that I think might help you raise money for Ava's adoption...if you're interested, please email me back! My email address is b.arganbright@gmail.com